• Burst Pipes

Burst Pipes

Are you experiencing flooding from the ground?
Have you just received a high water bill?

You may have a burst pipe. 

Here are a few simple items to check before calling a plumber:

  • Check all taps and garden taps are turned off and not dripping
  • Check your storage hot water unit valves are not dripping
  • Check your evaporative air conditioning drain is not constantly passing water
  • Check your toilet cisterns are not hissing
  • Isolate your reticulation valve 


If the water meter stops after checking each item then you know the water leak is related to the product you are checking which will need to be repaired.
If you have checked all the items are turned off and the water meter is still passing water then you more than likely have a burst or leaking pipe

Call Prime Plumbing and have one of our qualified and friendly staff attend your property, investigate, locate and repair your water leak.

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