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  • Caroma Uniset Linked Toilet Suite Replacements Installed From $473.00*

  • Toilet cistern repairs from $151.00*

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Our plumbers replace and repair broken or leaking toilets on a daily basis.

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Understanding the problems and how to fix a leaking toilet

There are many causes why your toilet may not be functioning correctly which can be broken down into 3 categories.

  • Inlet valve ( water filling mechanism)

If your toilet is constantly filling with water and the water is constantly spilling into the bowl via the built in overflow in the cistern, then the inlet valve has failed and will need replacing. Most of these inlet valve parts we carry in stock and can be replaced on the spot to fix your leaking toilet.

  • Outlet valve ( water flushing mechanism)

If your toilet is making a hissing noise or filling up the cistern irregularly through the night, what you will find is the outlet valve washer has split, is worn or perished and need replacing. Prime Plumbing stock a range of different types of outlet washers and can usually repair your cistern and get it functioning correctly again. If the cistern is still passing water into the bowl once the outlet washer has been replaced it could be the outlet flushing mechanism has warped and not sealing correctly or part of the mechanism is broken. At this point depending on the age and condition of the toilet suite it may be time to replace the cistern or the complete toilet suite. 


  • Rubber Seals conveying the water from the cistern to the bowl to flush the waste into the drains

If your toilet is leaking on the floor, depending on the toilet suite it could be one of the following issues

  • The flush pipe nut and ring connection to the underneath of the cistern has either, a perished rubber seal or the nut has cracked causing water to leak onto the floor when the cistern is flushed.


  • The rubber Pan Cone seal connecting the flush pipe to the bowl has dislodged or perished causing water to leak onto the floor when the cistern is flushed


  • Water leaking between the cistern and the bowl (for close coupled and back to wall toilet suites only), The foam seal between the cistern and the bowl has perished and could need replacing


  • The Pan collar is a rubber seal which connects the toilet bowl to the drains connecting to the sewer. If the water is leaking at this connection point and the seal has perished the toilet suite will need to be completely removed to replace the leaking seal. If the toilet suite has been silicone sealed and screwed down to the floor, they can be removed to replace the seal. If the toilet suite has been cemented in on installation the toilet will need to be broken to remove the bowl and replaced with a new toilet suite.


Replacing a toilet cistern or toilet suite 

With purchasing a new cistern or toilet suite it’s true to say” you get what you pay for”. Many plumbers and home owners will go to the local hardware or plumbing store and purchase a cheap replacement cistern as the cheapest option to get their toilet back up and running. We have attended many of these jobs to fix there leaking toilets 12 months after they have had the cistern installed. As they are very low quality products we usually end up replacing the inlet valve which has failed in this short period of time. As spare parts for the outlet valve assembly in the plastic cistern are not readily available, we generally end up replacing the cistern with a quality and serviceable product.

Not all cisterns are the same

If you’re replacing a cistern on a 1970’s home or earlier, you will find an old style toilet. These toilets when manufactured were 12 litre single flush systems. Not because the manufacturer thought let’s make a product which uses a lot of water, It’s because the toilet bowl was manufactured in a way where it needed a large volume of water to flush away the waste. A lot of the new cisterns on the market are 4.5L full flush and 3L half flush products.

If you install one of these 4.5L/3L cisterns on a 12L bowl it’s only receiving just over a 3rd of the water volume required to flush the waste away.

I cannot recommend enough when replacing your cistern to have a Caroma Uniset II installed as they have a fully adjustable outlet mechanism which can be set to the either 4.5L/3L flush, 6L/3L flush or 9/4.5L flush to suit and flush properly on most types of bowls. Granted these cisterns are quite large and bulky, but if you decide to choose a different slimline product instead be ready to get the paint brush out and repaint the wall as most of the time the wall behind the cistern was never painted of the rooms paint colour has changed 

Toilet Suites

Our plumbing team will check the following items to find the most compatible product for your installation, but if you want to choose a new toilet suite yourself you will need to consider the following factors

  • You need to check the set out dimensions of the bowl to make sure the waste pipe connection is compatible and will fit the existing plumbing waste on your home. If it doesn’t the tiled floor will need to be jack hammered and waste moved for the new toilet suite to be fitted.


  • Check the dimensions of the bowl to find a product which will cover the footprint of the existing bowl as you can always avoid this but you may have some tile missing at the front of the bowl once the new toilet has been installed


  • Back inlet or Bottom inlet water connections – Most homes built are specified with bottom inlet water connections with an exposed tap and a pipe or hose connecting to the cistern. There are now many toilets on the market available with a back inlet water connections which means the tap and the pipe or hose is concealed in the cistern. This option is more aesthetically pleasing, but the water connection point needs to be moved to the exact location specified in the product installation instructions.


  • Choose products based on their warranty and are replacement parts readily available at your local plumbing Supplier


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