Storm Water Installations

Are you Building or Renovating? Is your storm water tanks overflowing ?

At Prime Plumbing we can Help. Our experienced team can supply and install quality soak wells and pipework to suit your requirements.

 We can provide storm water installations for

  • New Homes
  • Home Renovations and extensions
  • Rainwater Harvesting systems
  • Engineered storm water disposal systems for strata subdivisions
  • Driveway channel grates
  • Paving grates 
  • Storm water retention systems
  • Pool backwash tanks and much more

Depending on your local shire or council an engineered storm water disposal system may be required for your project. Speak to one of our team members today about your installation requirements.    


The most commonly used soak wells installed are precast concrete tanks or Polypropylene (Plastic) soak wells.

Depending on site access available, location of the installation and ground conditions they both have different benefits.

All our soak wells installed are wrapped with a Geo textile fabric to prevent the ingress of sand entering the soak well.  


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